NHS Direct BPH Decision Support


Who is this information for?

This decision support website is for patients diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).  Its purpose is to help people decide which approach to treatment for BPH is right for them.

This site may not be appropriate for people who have not yet had BPH diagnosed.

If you are not sure, speak to your doctor or specialist nurse.

How the decision support site works

This decision support site is divided into five parts:

Part 1 - A brief introduction to BPH where you can learn more about the condition

Part 2 - Tell us a little about yourself

Part 3 - Learn about the various treatment options available to you

Part 4 - Think about what's important to you in deciding which approach to treatment you prefer at this time

Part 5 - At the conclusion of your journey through the site a summary is produced which contains details of what you have read and the answers you have given to all the questions you were asked.

This summary is available to your consultant and is used when you discuss your treatment preferences with them.

At various points in the site you can view videos which present real-life experiences from people in your situation.

When you move on from this page, we will ask you to create an account. This will help to keep your information private and, along with the information you provide as you work through the site, will help your consultant to find your summary information

The site can take between 15 minutes and 1 hour to work through depending on how much you want to read. You can save your information and come back later if you need to.

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